Pricing is based on packages, not hours worked. It might take a little extra planning at the beginning but then things run a lot smoother for everyone. Initial consultation is free.

Prices include taxes,  and save you from paying for additional laptop, software, tech support, utilities, office space, furniture, payroll deductions, and benefits.

Packages can be customized or custom made to suit your needs.

Here are some sample packages (for meeting planning) to give you an idea of how this works. Since the name of the company is BrAVA Services (and because it amuses me) I’ve named them based on varying amounts of applause.


The “SNAPS” Package includes researching availability and prices, recommending a few options and then booking a venue and a caterer.                                                                      



The “ENTHUSIASTIC APPLAUSE” Package includes everything from the “SNAPS” Package PLUS sending out invitations, answering basic questions from invited guests (via email or social media), and managing R.S.V.P.s (via email or social media).

 (based on number of invitations to a maximum of 250) $200.00 – $1,500.00


The “STANDING OVATION” Package includes everything from the “SNAPS” Package, everything from the “ENTHUSIASTIC APPLAUSE” Package PLUS type, proofread, format documents for meeting; and create PowerPoint document based on your notes.

(based on number of invitations to a maximum of 250) $350.00 – $2,000.00


Package cost is due upon receipt of invoice.

Accepted methods of payment include: