Hello, my name is Brigitte and I am a Virtual Assistant. In my case that means I help people solve problems via online communication. I know everyone always says be specific, but I just can’t do that. What makes me unique is me; the combination of  my years of work and life experience; as well as, the variety of my interests. I can best be of service by sharing my decades of experience and what I’ve learned so far. That means using ALL of  the knowledge I’ve accumulated, not just specific portions.

I am continuously evolving. I continue to experience, learn and grow. I know I learn a lot from other people’s journeys. If others can learn from my mistakes or from my knowledge and save themselves some hassle and/or heartache then I’ve accomplished my goal.

I am a resident of Saskatoon; but I can answer questions from anyone in the world. That’s the beauty of the internet!

So Ask A VA for your free answer today! Pestering not included.