Together we rise.


spider flowersThis morning, I was once again pondering my reasons for doing this business.

The short answer is because I want to make people’s dreams come true. Whether it’s by helping them grow a business they are passionate about or by taking some of the work off their plate so they have more time to play. Either way, I get a great deal of satisfaction from being of service.

I chose being a Virtual Assistant as my way of being of service because I work better alone. However, I still like to make contributions to a team. To be a part of something outside my bubble. I want to help those who help others.

On the flip side, I also question why my clients choose me.

When it comes to getting admin. work completed, there are many options available. I know I won’t always be the right choice and that’s okay. I have no qualms about admitting that. I also know that for some, I am exactly what they were searching for. The process is similar to making a new friend. One doesn’t become friends with everyone. But, when you find the right person, the experience is enriching for both parties.

I believe what sets me apart from the pack is not simply one thing that I do better than anyone else. Instead it is my unique combination of skills, personality, experience, and my integrity. Also, the fact that I charge a fee because I need to earn a living, but I don’t work for the money. I work because I believe in what I do and I enjoy helping others.

Is BrAVA Services right for you? Let’s explore the possibility! Fill in the contact form below. No pressure, no commitment. It’s just a “Hello, nice to meet you!” We might decide not to pursue things further or it might be the start of a beautiful friendship.



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