BrAVA Benefits

Some people might still be wondering why they should go with a virtual assistant vs. an in-house assistant. Here are the top three reasons why a virtual assistant might be right for you.

Reason number 1: It Saves Money!

Office space, office furniture, computer, software, phone with data plan, utilities, salary, payroll deductions, benefits, etc. is all included in the package fee.

Reason number 2: You only pay for what you need!

Most offices have a sort of ebb and flow. Busier times and quieter times. However, an in-house assistant usually gets paid the same whether they are busy or not. If you bring someone in for the day, I believe the Labour laws state that you must pay for at least three hours, even if they only work one. Then there’s breaks, vacation, Stats. etc.

All of that is avoided with BrAVA Services because it’s not a exchange of time for dollars. You are paying to get the tasks done by a certain deadline, whether it takes 2 hours per day or 12; regular weekday or Statutory Holiday. You avoid all the hassle of paying by the hour.

BrAVA Services can take care of those tasks that only require a little bit of time each day, without paying for the whole day. BrAVA Services can be activated and/or deactivated with a couple emails. No need to post the job, sift through hundreds of résumés, spend hours on interviews, then all the paperwork and training time post hire. No layoff and re-hire hassles. No dealing with third-party staffing agencies. It’s direct. It’s efficient. It’s economical. It’s easy.

Reason number 3: It frees up your time!

This is probably the most important reason of all. Whether it’s to be able to accomplish other work-related tasks or to be able to spend more time with family or to be able to take some much-needed alone time; delegating tasks to a virtual assistant frees up your time to do what’s important to you.

But what about?…

I understand that a trust must be established before tasks can be delegated. I have no problem having a chat with you, over the phone or Skype or Facetime, to answer any questions you may have and to see if BrAVA Services would be right for you. The initial consultation is free with no obligations.

So contact BrAVA Services and let’s get started!





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