Has it ever happened to you, where you decide one thing and then something comes along to completely change your mind?

We’ll it’s happened to me…again!

I had just decided to go to a fixed hourly rate and right after I finish announcing it to the world, via Social Media, I learn about another fee structure that makes so much more sense for my business and my clients. *eye roll*

So, here I am, once again, announcing to the world that my fee structure is changing. I will still honour the pay-what-you-can requests till the end of February 2017 but as of this moment I am implementing a fee structure based on packages!

The main reason is that it eliminates the need to track hours or minutes worked, because, it’s not based on exchanging dollars for time. It’s based on tasks accomplished.

I believe this will simplify things, not only for me, but for clients as well. No more mind-numbing calculations, it’s just one number, agreed upon at the beginning of the assignment. It’s easy! Step 1, both parties agree to the terms. Step 2, I do the work according to the agreement. Step 3, I issue invoice for amount agreed upon. Step 4, client pays invoice. It’s a no brainer! A win-win! Or whatever expression you want to use.

In other news, I’ve finally selected a speciality! BrAVA Services will be specialising in meeting preparation. Whether for an online meeting, or an in-person gathering, BrAVA Services can handle all aspects of meeting prep. that I can do from my laptop, from home. Check out the Packages page for some ideas of possible tasks and their cost.

BrAVA Services can still help out with non-meeting administrative tasks, when needed. Packages can be customized or even custom-made to suit.

Packages, one more way BrAVA Services strives to make your life easier!





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