Getting Fancy-Shmancy with MS Word

When it comes to the Microsoft Office Suite, when someone mentions Microsoft Word, we usually, automatically, think typing letters, tables, columns…you know text stuff. When it comes to documents containing images and graphics we usually think Microsoft Publisher. Publisher works just fine, but for those who aren’t comfortable using Publisher or maybe don’t have it in their computer, Word might be an adequate substitute.

I’ve used Word numerous times to make user manuals with screen shots, basic signs for indoors,  simple bar menus, etc. Publisher has more options for such things, but Word does pretty well in a pinch.

In older versions of Word, I would use the Drawing Toolbar. In Word 2016 it’s now in the “Insert” tab. From there I would either insert a photo or screenshot (make sure you have permission or the rights to use them). You can crop, resize, rotate, add a border, wrap text, add some artistic effects, etc. Then I would add text. Now because it’s in Word, you can type right on the page, but sometimes it’s easier to add a “Text Box” and type in there instead. That way you can move it around the page, even place it over the image. In the case of a user manual I might insert an arrow to point from the text to the image to show what specific area that the text is referring to. Or I might insert an oval or a rectangle and place it around the area in question. I would remove the fill so that the image underneath would show through and only the border of the oval or rectangle would remain. The border can then be changed to a different colour. The width of the border can be made wider or thinner, depending on how much attention you want to draw to the shape and how much space you have to play with.

Microsoft Word is so much more than letters and columns. Take the time to play around with it and see what you can create! Check out my Sample page  for an example of what else Word can be used for.

If you need help using Word (or Excel or Publisher or PowerPoint), you can contact me through and we’ll see what we can accomplish!




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